Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS25a


A very rare to find Signed Antique blade in Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword mount. This Shingunto mount is a rare early version with double hanger, nice gold gilt tsuba, silver family Mon and heavy solid metal scabbard. All fittings are complete and original in suite and matching # with nothing missing. Mount is in very good original condition just minor paint lost on scabbard. Blade is a rare original with uncut tang signed as Mutsu no Kaneyasu. The way this signature signed looks like the 2nd generation of kaneyasu. A very famous and documented Shinto period sword smith. Originally came from Tango province, but went to Osaka wherehe became a student of the 1st generation Kaneyasu. He was later adopted by his master and installed as his successor. He signed his mei in the nornal manner unlike the 1st generation Kaneyasu in the mirror writing. This is one of the rarest found with cutting test engraved on the other side of the tang, reads as Kabutowari, means "armor split". A very healthy blade with no forging flaws at all, no crack, no rust, no opening, has a numerous small nicks and scuff marks along the cutting edge from being used during WW2. Cutting edge still very sharp plus with full length thick hamon along the cutting edge all the way to the very tip. Blade measures 26 + 1/4 "from tip to guard or nagasa 25 + 1/4". Sword overall 38 "with 9 + 7/8" handle 

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