Imperial Japanese Katana Sword JS34


A massive Japanese Sword Katana. The mount comes with a high quality antique menuki and iron tsuba, black lacquered wooden scabbard and leather ito on real ray skin handle. Handle is tightly secured to the tang by 2 pins. This huge hand made blade was forged during Showa period. It is not only long, broad, thick and heavy, but also carries a beautiful and intense clove shape hamon. This powerful and strong blade is in superb flawless condition overall. No crack, no bend, no blister, no kizu and no forging flaws at all, just normal minor scuff marks. Mumei tang is original without any modification. Blade measures 29+3/4" from tip to guard or nagasa 28+4/7". Sword overall 41.25" with 9.75" handle. 

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