Imperial Japanese Army Shingunto Sword JS10

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Antique Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword with brown and red field grade officer tassel. Rare early version Shin Gunto mount with high quality pierce tsuba and set of 4 pairs of seppa. All fittings are complete and original. Silver habaki and silver family mon on pommel indicates the sword owner's samurai linkage. Over 500 years old antique heirloom koto blade is fitted into this unusual brown lacquered wooden scabbard. Shortened tang has two charecters signature visible as Bizen and year of the blade made on the other side about 1500. Blade has straight hamon with some light surface strains and wears. Blade measures 25.3" from tip to guard. Nagasa measures 24.38". Sword overall 37.25" with 10" handle. Overall in good condition with no fatal flaw such as hagire etc.

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