Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS9


Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword in original higher end Shin gunto mounting with no missing or replacement parts. Number matching 4 pair of  seppa. Blade fits perfectly in an uncommon light weight aluminum scabbard. This high quality hand made blade was signed by a very famous swordsmith Ishido Teruhide. This smith has a long family tree of producing excellent swordsmith for hundreds of year. Blade is very sharp and well balance with a good feel on hand. High rolling temper line running along both side of the blade is the characteristic of this school. Blade measures 27" from tip to guard, nagasa measures 26.13". Sword overall 39.5" with 10" handle. Very good condition overall. Paint lost on scabbard, normal minor scratches and marks on blade. No rust, no pitting, no chips, no bend, no openings and no forging flaws at all.

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