Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS23


A Mantetsu blade in Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword mount. This Shingunto mount is in high quality Mantetsu version with heavy metal scabbard. All fittings are complete and original in suite and matching with nothing missing. Mount is in very good original condition just minor dents on scabbard. Blade is an original with uncut tang signed as Koaisshin Mantetsu Saku. This is a rare 7 characters signature instead of the common 8 characters one. All you Mantetsu collector will know. The other side of the tang signed as Showa Mizu Um Ha (1942 Spring). Tang also marked Ha 957 on the back. Mantetsu blade is very famous and well documented. This blade carries a very clear hamon with nice tight hada metal grain that is also uncommon on Mantetsu blade. This is a beautiful and healthy blade in near mint flawless condition overall. No crack, no bend, no blister, no kizu and no forging flaws at all just normal minor marks. Please note that this sword was a general sword which used to carry a general tassel which now sells separately . For Mantetsu sword, this is one of the best in quality and condition that I have seen over 20 years. Blade measures 27 "from tip to guard or nagasa 26.25". Sword overall 38 "with 9.5" handle.

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