Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS22


A very IMPORTANT Signed Koto Antique blade in Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword mount. This Shingunto mount is a rare high quality version with set of 8 seppa set and gold gilt tsuba, the uncommon lacquered wooden scabbard is very well done. Mount was custom made for a samurai officer with silver samurai family crest Mon affixed. All fittings are complete and original in suite and matching # with nothing missing. Mount is in very good original condition, tsuba is still with most of the gold gilt remain, just minor paint lost on scabbard. Blade is a rare Koto period antique, possible passed down from the family of the officer to bring it to war based on the high quality of the mount that was used and the superb condition and quality of this important antique blade that was treasured. The very dark tang is signed as Kashū ju Fujiwara Ieshige saku. He belongs to Hashizume school which was found by Kunitsugu in Hashizume village in 1394. Ieshige is a a very famous and important Koto period sword smith at Kaga province era Eishō (1504-1521). Rated ¥ 3.5M at Toko Taikan. Blade carries a very bright wavy shape hamon with very visible nice tight itame hada metal grain. The blade also shows some beautiful and clear activities all over it. This is a beautiful and healthy antique blade in excellent condition overall. No crack, no bend, no nick, no rust, some very minor scratches. Blade is in a very graceful shape and extremely well balance. Superb clean blade still remains 98% plus original polish. Blade measures 27.5" from tip to guard or nagasa 26.75". Sword overall 40" with 9.5" handle.

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