Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS20


Antique Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword. This is a very rare hand forged blade and is signed by one of the most famous Showa period swordsmith. This is a REAL Gendaito made by Hisakatsu. His original name was Take Masao, born in 28, Feb 1909. He learned swordmaking from Hon Toshihide in Zuisen Tantosho at 1926 and founded his own forging center at Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1934. He was the winner of the Shinsaku Hinhonto daikyoshinkai Yushusho and the 1st Nihonto denrankai Tokusen and Honory President Award in 1935. In the year of 1936, he won the ministry Award at the 2nd competition. In 1938, he went to Manchu Railway Ltd. and directed the production of Koa Isshin blade. He is listed in Gendai Toko Meikan. This particular mei (signature) is more interesting than the others. It's signed as Nanjino Reito Minamoto Hisakatsu Saku. The meaning of "Nanjino Reito" is "Your Spiritual Sword". Dated Showa 17th year (1942) Summer on the other side of tang. This is a beautiful and healthy blade in superb flawless condition, no crack, no bend, no blister, no kizu, no nick, and no forging flaw. Just minor normal scratches from used and small light strain spot on blade surface. A very high quality blade has very nice deep Hamon is midare-ba suguha hamon. This blade is very powerful and sharp. The very well done tang has rare beautiful full dress file marks which only applys to higher quality blade during Showa period. Unusual high quality Shin Gunto mounting with rare thick red copper tsuba completed with number matching 4 pairs of seppa set. All fittings are complete and original without any mismatch or non functioning parts. Tip to guard measures 27 ". Nagasa measures 26". Sword overall 39.5 "with 9.5" handle.

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