Imperial Japanese Army Officer Sword JS18


This is one remarkable antique Imperial Japanese WW2 Army Officer Sword. Field version leather on wood Shin Gunto Mount with nice silver habaki. All fittings are complete and original. This Showa period KaneTsugu signed blade has one of the most amazing and wild hamon I have ever seen.  This brilliant hamon is very bold and thick with a marvellous three mountain and sun pattern running all along the cutting edge to the tip forming a Strong and Powerful boshi. Blade is extremely sharp and is in Superb flawless condition overall, No crack, no bend, no blister, no kizu, no nick and no forging flaws at all with 90%+ original polish, only some minor shallow finger print strains. Hamon is very bright and clear, easily visible from across the room and totally can be enjoyed as is however a proper polish will turn this beautiful blade into an Astonishing piece. Beside the brilliant hamon, this superb sharp and healthy blade has a very powerful and graceful feel on hand, extremely well made, perfectly straight and smooth. When you wipe this blade, you will discover how well done this blade is. Dated Showa 16th year 6 month (1941 June) on tang. Blade measure 27+3/4" from tip to guard. Nagasa measures 26+3/4". Sword overall 39+1/2" with 10" handle. Blade is in original high grade war time polish and in excellent condition overall. 

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